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Check the validity of your passport.

All travelers applying for a Brazil visa must have a passport valid for at least 6 months from your date of travel to Brazil and at least two blank visa pages.  

If you need to renew your passport, let us know and we can assist you with that process.


Visa requirements

A visa to Brazil is required for all U.S. Citizens and most non-US citizens traveling to Brazil for business , tourism work and study.  You will need to complete the online application and print it, then gather all documents and/or letters required to apply for the visa to Brazil.


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The application must be completed online,  printed out and signed.  Information submitted on the application must be exactly as listed in your passport (First name, Middle name and last name)  Your middle name should be entered on the  same line with your first name.

Follow this link to start the application:

  1.  The application must contain your information exactly as it appears in your passport.  This is to include Jr, Sr, III…etc.  
  2.  All sections of the application must be complete.  If an item on the application does not pertain to you place N/A in that section.  
  3. If you are retired/unemployed  you must list retired/homemaker as your employer and your home address and phone number as the contact information. 
  4. Your photo and signature must be uploaded in order to complete the application.


You must submit your actual  current passport which has 6 months validity beyond your travel date and two blank visa pages.

We promise to return your passport back to you- with a visa to Brazil inserted 


One Passport Photo – The photograph in your passport is not counted as a photo.  You must provide a separate photograph meeting the requirements below:

1.  Photo must be in color on a white background

2.  Must be 2 inches by 2 inches in size

3. Must be current – no more than 6 months old

Proof of residency

Each applicant must provide a notarized copy of your valid identification card, drivers license or utility bill.  No other items are acceptable forms for proof of residency.

If the notary in your state refuses to notarize the license or identification itself, you may add the following statement to the copy of your drivers license/identification  and sign it in front of the notary:

I, Your Name, affirm that this is a true and correct copy of my drivers license/identification card.

Signature: ______________          Date:   ____________

Proof of Travel

The Consulate requires a copy of your travel itinerary from an online travel site or travel agent.  Itinerary information must show the name of applicant, arrival and departure dates to and from Brazil.

*** New requirement ***

Birth Certificate

All  applicants who are U.S. citizens must upload and supply a copy of their birth certificate or Naturalization Document for Non-U. S. citizens please provide copies of your valid U.S. visa or Permanent Resident  Card. 

Non – US Citizens: 

Must supply a copy of  one of the following:

1.  Valid U.S visa with remaining 6 months validity

2.  Permanent Resident Card 


Business travelers: 

Need to supply all items listed above plus a letter of responsibility.

Letter of responsibility from their U.S. employer

The letter of responsibility must be an original, notarized letter detailing the following: 

The nature of your business while in Brazil and your arrival and departure dates;  your company’s business and its functions, as well as your title and responsibilities; the names, phone numbers and addresses of the companies with whom you will be conducting business, and the contact person at those companies.

Your company must also clearly state that they assume responsibility for your travel to Brazil and return and that you will not be pursuing any activities that are incompatible with a business visa (such as paid work, technical assistance, technical training) during your stay in Brazil.

The letter must be signed by a senior company official other than the traveler.


Applications for Minors

Must contain all items listed above for tourist, plus the following: 

1.  Application must be signed and notarized by both parents.  Children should not sign the application

2.  Notarized copy of both parents drivers license/identification card ( a notarized copy of each parent’s license/identification  is required for each minor traveling)

3.  Copies of the information page of both parent’s passports or a notarized letter stating that they do not hold a passport ( a notarized letter is required for each minor traveling when a parent does not hold a valid passport) 

4.  Notarized copy or the original birth certificate of the minor

5.  Both parents must complete and have the Authorization for Issuance of Brazil Visa to Minor form notarized  Click here for form

6.  If one parent is a Brazil citizen they must provide the Declaration of non-citizenship for each minor.  Click here for form 

Brazil visas are submitted to  and picked  up from the Consulate on Tuesday’s only until further notice.  Additionally, Sameday visa processing has been suspended.  

Documents should be mailed to our office a the address below.  If you need your documents to be submitted to the Consulate on the date received we must receive the documents in our office by 9:00 am:

A1 Passport & Visa        

Attn:  Visa Services

2101 Crawford Street, Suite 109 

Houston, TX 77002


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