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India Visa

Jurisdiction:  Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.

Effective 15th April 2015:  US Citizens should apply and  will be issued a 5 or 10 year multiple entry visa only.  The Consulate fee for this visa will be $120.00.  The actual duration of the visa will be at the discretion of the Embassy / Consulate.



Check the validity of your passport.

All travelers applying for a India visa must have a passport valid for at least 6 months from your date of travel to India and at least two blank visa pages.

If you need to renew your passport, inform a representative and we can assist you with that process.


Apply online

If you were born in India and are now a U.S. citizen, you must renounce your Indian citizenship before you can apply for an India visa.  

Visas are required for all U.S. Citizens and most non-US citizens traveling to India for the purpose of tourism, business, work and school.  

 You will need to complete the online application and print it, then gather all other required documents or letters to apply for the visa to India.


Receive your visa

Ship your documents to us at:                                                                                                                              A1 Passport & Visa                                                                                                                                                    Attn:  Customer Service                                                                                                                                         2101 Crawford Street, Suite 109                                                                                                                           Houston, TX 77002

Then just sit back, relax and wait for your visa to arrive at your home or place of business.  

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Link to application

Application should be completed on line, printed and signed by the applicant.  Information must be exactly as listed in your passport.  You are not required to upload your photo to the application.  

** Application can not be edited once it has been saved ***

** If you were born in Pakistan or your lineage is Pakistani,  you must submit your application in person.  **


Applicant must provide a current passport which has 6 months validity beyond your travel date and two blank visa pages.

One Passport Photo:

1.  Photo must be in color and on a white background and

2.  Must be 2 inches by 2 inches in size

3.  Must be current – no more than 6 months old

Proof of residency:

Each applicant must provide a copy of your valid identification card, drivers license or utility bill.

Additional Particulars/Declaration and Disclaimer Form:

Both forms must be completed and signed by each traveler. 

Click here for Additional Particulars/Declaration Form

Click here for Disclaimer Form

Non-US Citizens: Must supply a copy of his/her valid U.S visa or Permanent Resident Card.


Business travelers:

Need to supply all items listed above,  plus the 3  items listed below:

1.  Certificate of Incorporation:

Each applicant must provide a Certificate of Incorporation from the inviting company.

2.  Letter of Responsibility:

The letter of responsibility must contain the following:

  • The nature of your business in India and your arrival and departure dates.
  • your company’s business and its functions, as well as your title and responsibilities.
  • The names, phone numbers and addresses of the companies with whom you will be conducting business, and the contact person at those companies.

Your company must also clearly state that they assume responsibility for your travel to India and return, and that you will not be pursuing any activities that are incompatible with a business visa (such as paid work, technical assistance, technical training) during your stay in India.        

The letter of responsibility must be signed by a company official other than the traveler.

3.  Letter of invitation: Must be presented from the inviting entity in India.

  • Letter of invitation must be on company letter head from Indian entity and signed.
  • Letter must include the name of persons being invited and proposed dates of travel.
  • Invitation must state the validity of visa being requested.
  • Places and organizations to be visited must be outlined in the letter of invitation.


Applications for Minors:

Must contain all items listed above for tourist, plus the following:

1. If applicant is below the age of 5 his/ her thumb print must appear in the signature box below the photograph on the first page of the application. If applicant is able to print or sign his/ her name they must do so.  Application cannot be signed by a parent on the first page of the application.

2. Application must be signed and notarized by both parents on page 2.

3. Notarized copy of both parents drivers license.

4. Copies of the information page of both parent’s passports must be provided or a notarized letter stating that they do not hold a passport.

5. Notarized copy or the original birth certificate of the minor.

Once all the requirement are in your possession, 

Ship  or bring your documents to us at:    

    A1 Passport & Visa      

   Attn:  Customer Service – India Visa        

2101 Crawford Street, Suite 109       

  Houston, TX 77002

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